We conduct audits from a billing, coding and documentation perspective, allowing for the most thorough review of your processes.

With every audit, our goal is to improve your revenue, polish up your processes, and help you and your team become the best and most efficient that you can be. Once we get to work, our goals are to identify, then solve, existing areas of risk; ensure compliance across the board; then collaborate with you to create ongoing strategies for success.

Auditing services we offer include:

  • Billing
  • Coding
  • Complete E&M auditing services (95 or 97 guidelines)
  • Documentation
  • Pre- and post-adjudicated claim auditing services
  • Provider documentation audits/reviews
  • Regulatory compliance auditing services (billing, coding, HIPAA, CDI)
  • Surgical/operative treatment auditing
  • Treatment plan audits
  • Any combination of the above