Even the strongest and most well-oiled systems can benefit from an outside perspective. Find out more about how we can improve your efficiency!

We prioritize collaboration in every area of the consulting process. It’s of the utmost importance to us that your team sees us as an extension of your staff, simply there to provide a fresh perspective that benefits everyone as a whole. We’ll start by reviewing your process from an outside perspective, then work together to decide which next steps will best support your existing team structure and goals.

Some of the specialty consulting services we offer are listed below; however, this list is not all inclusive. If you have questions regarding availability of a specific service not listed here, please contact us to learn more.


  • CBO, revenue cycle and denial management
  • Operational management for private practice
  • Outpatient medical billing & coding consulting
  • Establishing a baseline audit and continuation program
  • Rural healthcare organization compliance, billing and coding
  • Staffing analysis and competency review planning